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What do you mean I'm not Justin's wife?
I’m tired of picking up a magazine and reading that Selena’s good for Justin. He’s good for her too, you know. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and would love to have her on my show one day but she should not take all the credit. They’re good for each other. —Chelsea lately (Intro to her show)





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People don’t understand what it’s like to grow up in front of the world, in front of camera’s, I’m not a perfect person and that’ll show sometimes but I’m only human….

I think I’ve learned a lot from him, watching him interact with the fans. It would freak me out - and sometimes it does freak me out when I’m getting shoved and pushed aside. But Justin actually sees them as real human beings, which can be hard sometimes. We were at an interview in Canada, and they had this image of this girl crying, like, “Watch this crazy fan, she’s so funny!” and the girl was just bawling her eyes out. Everyone was laughing their heads off, and I’m laughing, but then I look and Justin’s not laughing. He just says, “Aw she’s such a sweetheart, how nice of her!” I remember thinking, “Holy shit, we’re assholes.” - Jon M. Chu

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I wanted to encourage my fans to be able to dress up, dress down, wear their own individual style, I wanted them – I wanted them to know that I “Dream out Loud” every single day! So that’s my encouragement for them, so my clothing line is definitely for my fans and for other people who enjoy the clothes.


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